Art, Mathematics, and Technology

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While 4 dimensions, or even 5 or more are relatively easy to capture in mathematical matrices and coordinate systems, it is mindboggling to the human mind. Even the relatively simple “Hypercube” is hard to process. However the 4th dimension is all around us and runs through parts of our cutting edge mathematics and physics. It feels very unnatural however, there is not a lot from nature you can recognise in most 4D shapes.

The Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5…(Fn-1 + Fn-2)) is a widely known sequence, widely adopted in the arts. And while exploring 4d shapes, I’ve made the discovery that the number φ appears regularly in but nature and in 4D. In 4D regular triangular shapes and polygons usually have φ as ratios in relative distances. Maybe this can be exploited to create a sense of nature in 4D? This is the vision I set out with in the course “Art, Mathematics, and Technology”, attempting to create a 4D nautilus shell…