Category winner in VR at HEX 2017

Written by admin

As part of starting my B2.2 project I participated in a hackaton called HEX. A hackathon is where participants team up in groups (4-6) and spend 24-36 hours non-stop on a case for a company. Our category was VR, where we were challenged to involve spectators in VR experiences experienced by the non-couch-sitting person. Using Pillo by Ard Jacobs (alumnus of ID) we designed a demo in 24 hours. In this Demo, the couch potatoes would use Pillo to influence the environment of the person engaged in the VR experience itself. This intense 24 hours taught me the necessary game development skills for my B2.2 project “The Hunt”

This is not the only extracurricular experience that proved to be valuable. Doing these kind of projects alongside my normal programme got me into some great places and kept me going, as sometimes some distraction in the form of a different project provided some much needed distraction and more often than not provided me with new insights on my current main project.