JimfiT (Design project 1)

Written by admin

In my first year studying Industrial Design I have been part of the team developing the award winning ‘JimFit’ system www.jim-fit.nl. Which is now continued by Cas and Stijn. JimFit helps with revalidation of the knee using gyro sensors and an application by actively coaching patients at home and providing more accurate data to medical professionals.

Reading back my first PDP I can see a difference between who I was back then and now. Firstly, much more naive and innocent. But most of all not really busy with the “why” question. More describing what I am doing rather than being critical about why and how. Now my education and work is much more guided and reflective. Although a first-year’s project, we won the Brains award popular vote award.

This project was graded P+E (with excelence)