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The Challenge

There are four instead of three certainties in life: you are born, you die, you pay tax, and everywhere you go there is plastic. We are currently spilling millions of tonnes of plastic into our environment, and the plastic recycling infrastructure we DO have in place for our collected plastic is not functioning, as only 10% of plastics collected actually go into new products. The rest is shipped of or burned. On the other hand, there is a continuous and large demand of adaptable, custimisable and re-assemblable structures.

The Solution

Using recycled plastic (PP) to press plates which are designed in such a way that they can be puzzled into structures without the need of any glue. Those plates will be a sink for plastics, and also help building structures which fit a missing niche: structures with a higher fidelity than tents, but lower than actual buildings. Think of coverings for refugees, or seasonal expansions of tourist catering businesses, or event areas. Creating a new, sustainable (re)use for plastic, and a powerfull building tool. Whatever you are building, you are also building a better world.

This project won the ASML maker’s award at the UT challenge 2020, in addition to the 4TU wildcard.