Thermow (Design project 2)

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Developed in the second year at TU/e under guidance of Joep Frens, together with Thijn Kolk, Zeno Kapitein, and Igmar Nieuweboer. Thermow is an IoT based product which controls heating in the house. The pillow has a pressure sensor and gives feedback with heat and light. The reasoning behind Thermow is that people usually are cold when stationary. If one could heat up people when stationary the rest of the house could be colder as active people generate their own warmth. The pillow would be coupled with your home IoT network, so other devices (like your TV) can also utilise the sophisticated sensor and output system. This project also was the defining project where we worked with a rapid iterative process, designing in a model home with multiple groups. This meant that design decisions of another group had direct impact on our process, which went to many iterations.

This project was graded P+E (with Excellence)